Pregashield + You = Healthy Baby

Trying to conceive


Radiation from cellphones and electronic devices can have a detrimental effect on your chances of conceiving.

Sustained exposure to electronic devices is responsible for a decrease in the reproductive potential. EMF exposure has been found to alter the reproductive endocrine hormones, gonadal function, and embryonic development. 

It is especially important for women who are trying to conceive to use Pregashield for safeguarding against the biological hazards posed by cellphones and Wi-fi fields.

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Hello Mommy-to-be


Congratulations! You are going to bring new life into this world. Make sure it is a blissful and cherishing experience.

Welcome to the world of ecstasy, as you prepare to welcome your bundle of joy into the world. Motherhood is a phase like no other, full of so many possibilities. As a mother, it is your cherished responsibility to care for your baby.

Pregashield is your trusted partner in ensuring that your growing baby is kept safe from the environmental radiation. Together, we can offer the best start to the new life.

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New mom


As you celebrate the arrival of your little bundle of joy, we share your ecstasy and wish the very best to the family.

Such a happy time for everyone, as you prepare to give the best that life has to offer to the baby. Let Pregashield be a part of this out-of-the-world experience. Together, we can make a huge difference.

As you start to nurture the baby, it is important to be radiation-free as the baby is dependent on you for nutrition. Pregashield also offers Postpartum support.

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