Dr. Sanjay Gupta explores the link between Cellphones and Cancer in this CNN special report.

Genevieve from Mama Natural tests EMF radiation from daily use devices like Iphone, Home WI-Fi, Electric Toothbrush, and Hair Dryers. 

This video highlights the harmful effects of WI-Fi on the human body, especially on vulnerable groups like children. 

Dr. Devra Davis, Professor of Medicine explains the risks to the pregnant women and the baby, on account of cellphone and EMF exposure.

Renowned Neurosurgeon Dr. Keith Black explaining the dangers of cellphone radiation, and how radiation energy impacts the body's cells.

Comprehensive news coverage in the Indian media about the indiscriminate growth of cellphone towers near residences, and their harmful effects on the human body. 

ZEE News coverage on the March 2017 study of AIIMS, New Delhi on the role of cellphones in spreading EMF pollution and also its link with Cancer and degenerative diseases. Sustained cellphone usage has increased the risk of cancer by 33%.