Can you even take the risk!


The Digital Age

Like it or not, we are now living in a digitally connected world where the internet and cellphone have a constant and unending presence in our lives. Continuous exposure to electronic devices has reduced our immunity and made us fatigued. Yes, giving up the cellphone is not an option. So what can we do to protect and safeguard our bodies from the negative effects of technology?   

Electric Pollution/Dirty Electricity

The worst aspect of EMF and radiation from household devices is that unlike other forms of pollution, it cannot be seen, heard, smelt or felt in any way. Radiation is composed of invisible rays which are now penetrating the bodies of everyone who is within range. Fighting an enemy which cannot be seen is therefore more challenging, and it is in the interest of the coming generations to safeguard ourselves from this pollution. 

Remember, this form of radiation has the potential of altering the DNA at a chromosomal level. This means the very basis of life, our DNA, can be altered by EMF and cellphones. Some research studies have concluded that exposure to EMF could be one of the probable reasons for the increase in the incidence of cancer and other diseases which have a genetic link.  

Comprehensive shielding protection

Pregashield is a belly band made of a specially engineered polymer fabric which blocks the radiation emitted by cellphones, laptops, and other electronic devices, thereby keeping you and your baby safe.

X-ray technicians and Radiologists wear a Lead Apron so as to minimize their exposure to harmful rays which, although invisible to the eye, can cause considerable damage to the human body over a period of time. Pregashield fabric is based on the same principle of blocking radiation before it can penetrate the dermal tissue.

Lead is a heavy metal and therefore not suitable for day to day usage. Keeping practical concerns in mind, we developed Pregashield which is lightweight and innovative, and we are confident that you will love the form and functionality it offers.

User Segment

While EMF radiation surely affects everyone at some or the other level, Pregashield has been developed especially for women who are trying to conceive or are pregnant. Research studies have shown that this kind of radiation can impair the fertility levels of men and women. Also, pregnant women are the most vulnerable to radiation as it has the potential of penetrating the skin and affecting the developing fetus. Fetus is at a critical stage of growth, and the vulnerability makes it extremely susceptible to the harmful effects of cellphone radiation. 

Several acute diseases like Cancer, Neuropathy, Neuro-degeneration, Asthma and Obesity have been observed in children whose mothers were exposed to radiation during pregnancy.

Choice is yours

Now that the hazardous effects of EMF and cellphone radiation are clear, the choice is really simple. You can either ignore the scientific data and remain unprotected, or you can take a call to protect your health and that of your baby by using Pregashield.

A little investment now can help in avoiding significant health risks and chronic health issues later. 

The choice is yours.